Yoga for Special Needs


Group classes: Tuesday @ 4.15pm  - 45 minutes classes

Private classes: tailored to the individual. Please contact for information and booking

Both class types facilitated by a yoga instructor and support assistants 

Yoga as a therapeutic process can help children who have a specailneeds diagnosis gain additional coping skills for day to day life management. Using techniques designed self calm and regulate, children can learn to reduce the added anxiety that many conditions may cause. Yoga can help the child become strong in mind and in body, helping to build resilience and hone coping skills and mechanisms. Yoga may also help nurture children who have diagnosed with a particular condition, find a place in themselves where they can feel safe and at ease. 

Group classes take place on a Tuesday afternoon and private yoga sessions are also available. Both are facilitated by an instructor and a support assistant. For more information, please contact Nicola by clicking here..

Click here to read an Irish Times article into Yoga for Special Needs featuring Nicola Foxe and Blossom Ireland.

Blossom Ireland have been running yoga for some time now but since Nicola has joined us she has brought it to a whole new level. Several of our parents have told us that they never believed their child with additional needs would be able to participate in something as quiet as yoga. But not only have they participated in class, many of them are also much calmer when negotiating their day to day environment throughout the week in general. Through the use of simple props such as feathers and expandable balls Nicola has really helped our children visualise better the best way to breathe while making everything fun. She has a quiet professionalism to her and really believes in the abilities of our children. We’re so glad to have Nicola working with us and are looking forward to the next block of yoga classes already!
— Auveen Bell - Co-Founder of Blossom Ireland