Yoga for Families

Second Sunday of the month - Hot Yoga Dublin - book here

Our lives are busy. Our children's lives are busy. Our family lives are busy.

We know that yoga helps us connect with ourselves but a little known secret is that it helps us to strengthen that connection, spend time together and focus on each other!   As per Yo-Yo Yoga's ethos, it's also fun! Family yoga from Yo-Yo Yoga is a tailored session and will consider any elements that you would like to focus on. A family yoga class could see Mum mirror her prince in butterfly pose, or little darling taking a rest on the rock of Dad! Kids improve their balance on Dads Downward Dog and enhance focus in breathing back to back with Mum.

It's difficult to take time out to sit together, listen, talk, connect . In yoga we are working together, breathing together, living and loving yoga together.

Our family is a circle of strength of love with every birth and every union the circle grows
— Unknown
Brilliant for the whole family. Great fun and lasting results. Thanks Nicola
— Ciara, Mum of 2 boys (5 years and 2 years)