Mindfulness for Teens

                                                                           Thursday 500pm - 8 week block starting 9th February - Investment €80 -  Book now                                         

Not quite adults yet but definitely not children, teenagers are complex, unique individuals with their own ideas, stresses, worries and potential. Starting September 2016, Mindfulness for Teens will be available in the River Holistic Centre, Raheny helping your teen navigate challenges such as exam time, social expectations, anxiety or sleep issues, self confidence and more.

Teenagers are busy. They're up against it with extra curricular 'stuff', exams, social life and social pressures. They are soulful, thoughtful, coming to their own conclusions and then second guessing their own desires, ideas and thoughts maybe in line with what others might think or say or maybe not.

Helping to strengthen the foundation for teenage development - mindfulness develops minds, develops bodies and develops individual superstars. Contact us now to book your class.